Spirit's Story

Spirit's Story


Our Friend Joe Little from NBC San Diego Stopped by to see what Spirit's been up to, click the link to view her story:




Spirit may have had a rough start, but she is living the glamorous life now! She oversees five cats at home and occasionally may be found supervising treat production at Paw Pleasers!


Spirit celebrated her 10th birthday this year! Check out the photos below to see her on her special day...



Maybe you all have been following this story (copied here from the LA Times):

A puppy that was savagely beaten and left for dead by a man at the U.S.-Mexico border last week is recovering after being rescued by Border Patrol agents.

The brutal attack on the female shepherd mix puppy, estimated to be about 3 months old, was captured by Border Patrol surveillance cameras and shows the man hitting, choking and suffocating the animal before fleeing back to Mexico, said Border Patrol Agent Mark Endicott.The video shows the man first tossing the puppy into the U.S. from Mexico over the fence about a half mile east of the San Ysidro Port of Entry. He then jumps over the barrier and grabs the dog and begins to punch it in the head several times with a closed fist. He then picks up the struggling, tiny animal and slams it against the fence.

A Border Patrol agent was dispatched to check on the dog after the man left its lifeless body lying on the ground and jumped back over the fence. The agent found the dog was still alive and gave it some food and water, Endicott said. It was then taken to the county Department of Animal Services shelter in Bonita, Endicott said.

The puppy, which has not been named, has some trauma to its back legs but is expected to recover, said John Carlson, deputy director with the county’s Animal Services.

He said X-rays will determine to what extent the legs are damaged. It did not appear to have suffered significant internal injuries but will undergo further tests. Carlson said he has seen animals that have been injured by people but has never seen the abuse in progress as it was captured on the tape. He said the physical trauma the dog suffered was terrible but “sometimes dogs can be pretty resilient.” The pup will continue to be treated at the shelter until it is fully recovered, Carlson said. It will then be placed for adoption to an appropriate home to owners who will be responsible for its medical follow-up. There is no timetable as to when that will be, but it could be as soon as a couple of weeks, he said.

Carlson said he would like nothing better than to see the man responsible for the brutality brought to justice.“If Border Patrol can detain this guy we’ll take him into custody for felony animal abuse,” he said.

Endicott said it may be possible to identify the man on the tape. In the meantime, workers at the shelter taking care of the puppy say it seems to be in good spirits. “It’s a real sweetheart,” Carlson said.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Spirit Medical Fund (proceeds to benefit the San Diego Department of Animal Control) may do so by clicking the following link:


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