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CaliforniaCoastal Horse Rescue Launches Hoof Tappin’ Treats™
Sales of Healthy Horse Cookies To Benefit Horse Rescue


Ojai, CA (September 8, 2017) – California Coastal Horse Rescue (CCHR) in Ojai, California is pleased to announce the launch of Hoof Tappin’ Treats™, healthy horse cookies made from 100% human grade ingredients.  All the proceeds from the sale of the treats will go directly to support the care and feeding of the horses at California Coastal Horse Rescue.


“A healthy diet is a critical part of the rehabilitation we give our horses at the rescue,” said CCHR President Adri Howe.  “We developed these cookies in conjunction with the Original Paw Pleasers Bakery to create a healthy, appropriately-sized treat that’s good for the horses without loading them up with too much extra sugar.   Purchasing our horse treats has dual benefits: You’re giving your horse a delicious and healthy treat, and you are also supporting previouslyabused, abandoned and neglected horses in need.”


Hoof Tappin’ Treats™ are created by Loree Shirazi the founder and owner of The Original Paw Pleasers, San Diego’s first dog and cat bakery.  Founded in 1992. Paw Pleasers creates treats that are fresh-baked, and free of preservatives, wheat, corn and soy. Hoof Tappin’ Treats™ have limited ingredients including oat flour, oatmeal, coconut oil, apple, and pumpkin.  The predominant flavor is apple.  “Adri and I have known each other for years and have always wanted to connect our two organizations,” said Ms Shirazi.  “Creating a line of horse treats for CCHR was an obvious fit, and a natural expansion of our line of dog and cat treats.”


Ms. Howe explains that Hoof Tappin’ Treats™ are heart-shaped for a reason.  “The heart shape of the treats was a small touch we wanted to add. The heart represents love of course, and we liked the idea of the treat being a small symbol of the love and devotion people have for their equine companions.”


An all-volunteer, non-profit organization, CCHR’s mission is to rescue abandoned, abused, neglected and slaughter-bound horses and provide them with a second chance at living healthy, happy and productive lives. CCHR has rescued horses from throughout California since 2000. Once horses are brought back to physical and emotional health, volunteers work to find them loving, permanent homes.


Hoof Tappin’ Treats™ are $12 per 8 ounce bag and are currently available at Ventura Hay 11570 Ventura Avenue, Ojai, CA 805/640-8505. CCHR relies on the generous support of donors, volunteers, sponsors and grants.  For information on sponsoring or adopting a horse or purchasing Hoof Tappin’ Treats™ go to: www.calcoastalhorserescue.com.

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